Below are two recent examples of my work. Audio files can be streamed or downloaded.
A PDF of my application paperwork can also be downloaded here.
Thank you for your consideration!

Sample #1: The Women of Troy

Certainly not aesthetically, but the closest sample I have to what this project could be is my aforementioned score for The Women of Troy. This play is an ancient Greek drama with deep contemporary ties that focuses on the women and children that are left behind after a brutal war. These captive women, royalty and commoners alike, await their fates at the hands of Greek conquerors after the invasion and destruction of their homes. The example provided is part of a larger work, but it is a sampler from several different parts of the 60-minute soundtrack. If you would like to hear the work in it’s entirety, you are welcome to visit

Viola: Kenneth Freed
Cello: Sharon Mautner-Rodgers
Choir: The Mary Martha Singers
Other Instruments, Recording, and Production: Benji Inniger


Sample #2: "There Be Dragons" Title Theme

20180206 TITLE full expanded.png

As theatre and video games are the topic of my application it may be appropriate to share a recent video game work. This piece is from a project active in development called There Be Dragons, which is a fantasy platformer that will be released in 2019.  This title track is a combination of live percussion, piano, flutes, and voice with sampled strings and electronic elements. All instruments were recorded and performed by myself with the exception of vocals by Beret Ouren.

If you would like to hear more, there are many other samples of my work here on my portfolio website.