Mt. Color

Mt. Color is an Unrealized trailer track featuring driving violas depicting a warm and colorful crepuscular sunset over a cool landscape in the distance.

The Women of Troy

This is the musical introduction for an adaption of one of the most impactful Greek tragedies of all time. The track features recorded viola and cello solos with 24-piece women's chorus and electronics. 

Bloom Kingdom

Bloom Kingdom is a playful fantasy puzzle game with fun, swappable characters. This title track is a light orchestral waltz that introduces players to an older and whimsical time in which the game is set.

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Based on Ovid's transformation myths, Metamorphoses mixes the ancient stories with contemporary language, humor, and thought. The music is reflective of water: the giver and taker of life and the humans' relationship with the divine.

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Title Tracks

Below is a collection of title tracks from various game projects. Gravity Galaxy is a planet-hopping puzzle action game, glPortal is a futuristic action-adventure portal physics game in progress, Salmon Ninja is a fast-paced platformer, and Polyterra is a low-poly planetary exploration game. 

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The sitcom-inspired soundtrack for Aboveboard has a fun and light contemporary acoustic feel featuring ukulele, pizzicato strings, and electronics.

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Dodgy Dragon

Dodgy Dragon is an 8-bit style mobile game where the player pilots a dragon or other character to avoid obstacles, collect tokens, and defeat bosses. The music reflects the fun and upbeat 8-bit style of the game.

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Unfolded is a casual, physics-based mobile game in progress. The music was created to reflect the calm and pastoral nature of the game, which aesthetically is based on the passage of the four seasons.